Success is a dream driven by passion, and built by a community.

The success of the Andalusian World Cup would not be possible without the many people who have stood behind us and supported our “dream”: The dream of bringing all Iberian breed registries and disciplines together under one roof and providing an environment that people were excited about.

This show goes way beyond the ribbons and the trophies. It is about forging relationships and lifelong memories, building the Iberian community, the experiences and people along the way, and sharing a common passion.

We look at sponsorship partnerships as a way to enhance that experience, whether it be supporting a specific class, providing ribbons and trophies, services, sponsoring the VIP section, and of course funding to help cover venue expenses.

Each sponsor provides a unique opportunity to engage in the show, and each one is worked with on a personal level to provide the best opportunity for all.

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AWC Sponsorship

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Opportunities for any budget!
Awards and Ribbons

Trophies & Awards

Trophies, Ribbons, Rose Blankets, and Cash Prizes

VIP Seating

Make it Yours!

Show your hospitality with your own branded section at the show


Title Sponsor

Sponsor the show, a division, or even a class!

Creative Engagement

Creative Integration

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Sponsorships are set up in several levels to bring advertisers the best return for their support, many including VIP tables, Vendor space/Stalls, Web banner advertising, Arena Banners, Show Program Advertising (Full Page), and even commercial space on the live broadcast.

Sponsors & Supporters

Those who believe in our dream!

Fun Facts

Who is watching?

The Andalusian World Cup sets the standard for the industry in regards to quality, reach and community in its 5 year history.

  • Ribbons, Trophies, Show Blankets, Cash and Prizes
  • Unlimited show image downloads for exhibitors
  • First Class VIP Seating

          and an atmosphere unlike any other show!


Thousand Viewers




Cash and Prizes