Working Equitation

Open to ALL Breeds.

As has been the mission of AWC from day one, our goal has been to provide an “all inclusive” approach to showing, in providing a venue that is open and welcoming to owners/riders from all registries and organizations and governed by principles that best support the breeds, riders, and sports involved. Rather than aligning with one organization, AWC will be opening up the show for all WE groups with recognized judges and technical delegates, plus the addition of an international judge panel. The United States Rules for Working Equitation  will be the governing rulebook for this event.

Open to riders from all Working Equitation Organizations!

There are a limited number of entries and classes tend to fill up quickly, so please get your entries in early!

Working Equitation: $135/phase

DP El Campo Saddle, Cash Prizes, Trophies, Ribbon, and more!

AWC Working Equitation

Entries Close Sept 1

AWC WE Manager: Katherine Calkins

AWC TD: Doreen Atkinson S,Q,TD

2018 Judges:

Michael Vermaas PDf, S,Q – USA

Juan Jose Del Valle – Mexico

André Ganc – Brazil

** Be sure to include your WE membership numbers (horse and rider) for recognition from your sanctioning organization

WE United
Working Equitation Canada

Sponsored by:

Sierra Nevada Lusitanos

Working Equitation Cash Prizes

Sponsored by Sierra Nevada Lusitanos

1ST (O) 2ND (O) 1ST (A) 2ND (A)
8-13YRS CHILDRENS A $100 $50
LEVEL 1 INTRO A/O $100 $50 $100 $50
LEVEL 2 NOVICE A A/O $200 $100 $200 $100
LEVEL 3 NOVICE B A/O $250 $100 $250 $100
LEVEL 4 INT A O $400 $100
LEVEL 5 INT B O $500 $200
LEVEL 6 ADVANCED O $600 $300
LEVEL 7 MASTERS O $700 $400

Cross Entering in AndalusianWorld or Dressage Classes?
All Entry forms are located with the AWC Entry Package!

AWC 2018 Class List

AWC Class List

AWC 2017 Entry Forms

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AWC Show Premium

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