Ranch Horse

Open to ALL Breeds.

AQHA rules apply except where WCRH rules supersede

Cavessons are not allowed.
You can ride two handed in a snaffle or bosal, but not in a snaked bit.
In WCRH rules, you may ride any age horse in a snaffle or bosal

Class Fees:

Ranch Horse Classes: $50
Ranch Horse Sweepstakes 50/50: $100

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Ranch Horse

Entries Close July 20

2021 Judge:

Michael Damianos


**WCRH membership is required to enter


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Rules & Regulations

1. AQHA rules apply except where WCRH rules supersede. 
2. You may ride a horse that you do not own.
3. Entries will incur a $30.00 late fee/horse & rider combination. Pre-entries are strongly encouraged!
4. There will be no concurrent classes. 
5. WCRH membership is required to enter. 
6. Youth is open to riders 18 & under as of January 1st, 2020. Short stirrup is open to riders 12 & under as of January 1st, 2020. This will change to 2021 after the end of the Winter Buckle Series.
7. NOTE RULE CHANGE: Amateurs are non-professional competitors and must not have engaged in training horses that do not belong to them, judging horseshows, or training other riders in the last 5 years. Training other riders includes consistently coaching other riders, instructing in clinics and/or giving lessons, regardless of remuneration. The only exception to this rule is a nonprofessional competitor assisting their own children/dependents 18 years of age or younger. WCRH does not have the resources to track and police which riders receive remuneration or to carry out related investigations. WCRH reserves the right to classify riders as management deems fair and appropriate. 
8. Scratches will receive a 50% refund.  You may replace the rider or horse for your entry by submitting the change to the Winter Buckle Series page on the WCRH website. Please include rider name, horse name, class number and name and WCRH member number.  Please understand that we order prizes and awards based on participation. If everyone were be allowed to scratch at the last moment, we would no longer be able to offer these shows. In the case of rescheduling due to rain, registered competitors will have the choice to roll over to the rain date or receive a full refund. In the case of show cancellation, competitors will receive a full refund.
9. This is a WCRH sanctioned event. Points will be automatically transferred to the “Best in the West” year end awards program for nominated riders.  
10. Any working western  saddle in serviceable condition will work for ranch horse classes. 
11. Dress for ranch horse classes is ranch attire meaning a long sleeve western shirt, belt, jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hat or helmet. Wild rag, vest and/or chinks or chaps are optional. Jackets and vests are allowed as necessary for comfort. 
12. In all ranch horse classes, fake tails and hoof black are not permitted.  You will be disqualified if it is discovered Trimming ears and muzzle is discouraged. Clipping bridle path is allowed. 
13. Silver and “bling” are discouraged.  
14. The overall cadence and performance of gaits should have an emphasis on forward, free-flowing, and ground-covering movement. Transitions should be smooth and responsive.
15. A rider may ride two handed only with a bosal or ring snaffle.
16. The decisions of each judge is final. 
17. All breeds of horses, mules, donkeys and ponies may compete. 
18. All riders under 18 are encouraged to wear a helmet for their safety. 
19. In leadline classes, the horse must wear a bridle. The halter must be over the bridle for safety.
20. Riders and horses may cross enter into any division for which they qualify. 
21. Horses may be ridden by multiple riders. Please keep the welfare of the horse in mind. Excessive participation of a horse will be flagged and the horse will not be able to continue participation in the show.
22. Green rider is open to riders in their first or second year of showing in ranch horse classes and is a walk trot class. You may be disqualified from the show if you enter green rider classes and you have more than 2 years’ experience showing in ranch classes. 
23. Green horse is open to horses in their first or second year of showing in ranch horse classes and includes all gaits. Trainers may show in this class.
26. In order to qualify for a division award, you must show in all of the classes in that division . Division awards are based on composite score.
27. The Top Hand award is awarded to the rider with the most cumulative points according to the published point schedule. WCRH serves the right to add additional buckles and/or prizes.
28. If enough entries, trail classes (and possibly conformation) may be work at will and have a separate judge.  
29. Warm up will be available for 30 minutes in the large arena and during breaks prior to the show each day and periodically throughout the day as time allows.  Please plan accordingly.  The track is available all day long for warm up.
30. Park your truck/trailer where directed. Do not park cars in trailer parking area.
31. Stallions are shown at your own risk and may be shown only by riders 18 years of age and older.