USEF, USDF, and *Qualifier Classes available.
Training Level to Grand Prix.


Dressage & Sport Horse in Hand Classes

Wednesday, Sept 19
Andalusian World East Dressage and Sport Horse classes are USEF/USDF rated and open to all breeds.[break] [break]
Class listings with a “*GAIG Q” may be used as Qualifier classes ($10 additional fee) [break]
Tests & Judging will be governed by the USEF RULEBOOK.**DSHB in-hand classes are eligible for for the USDF All-Breeds Awards Program and will follow all rules in USEF Sub-Chapter DR-2 Dressage Sport Horse Breeding
 [break] [break]
With limited entries, these classes tend to fill quickly. Get your entries in early!

Dressage USEF                                                 $50
FEI/Musical Freestyle                                   $65
Qualifier Fee**                                                   $10 Additional
DSHB (In-hand)                                                $50
USEF Fee (D&M $8, USEF $8)                  $16/horse
USEF Show Pass Fee                                     $30 (for NM rider, owner, trainer, coach)
USEF Non-Member Fee                               $30 (for NM rider and Owner)
USDF Non-Member Fee                              $25
Late Fee                                                                $40 (for entries received after Sept 1)
Non-Competing Horse Fee                       $40
Grounds Fee                                                      $30

Stalls / Tack Rooms (Duration of show)    $235 (includes initial bedding)
Office Fee (Per Horse)                                $25
Photography Fee*                                         $25

AWC Dressage

Entries Close Sept 1

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