Andalusian World is proud to host ANCCE sanctioned classes at AWC



Classes are governed by the rules and regulations set forth by ANCCE, including the use of recognized Spanish judges.

In order to compete in ANCCE sanctioned classes, horses must have ANCCE Papers (Passport) and in some cases be revised. Please see Rulebook for more information and current regulations.

***As of 2016, there is a new rulebook and set of Functionality Tests (one for 4year olds, and one for 5 years and over); And amendments (13 Changes) to the 2017 Edition.
Be sure to read through the new rulebook (link below)!

Cash & Prizes to ANCCE Champion Mare, Champion Stallion, and Functionality


Entries Close Sept 1

2018 Judges: TBD

Class Fees:
ANCCE Classes: $150
World Cup Championship: $150
World Cup Supreme Championship: $250
(Over $10,000 in Cash, Prizes and More!)


Cross Entering in AndalusianWorld or Dressage Classes?
All Entry forms are located with the AWC Entry Package!

Class List

Entry Forms

Reprise Funcionalidad

ANCCE Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations