Andalusian World Cup


  • Andalusian World Cup 2020

    With the new decade comes change, and so is the case at the 2020 Andalusian World Cup show.

    This year’s show will be hosted August 5-8, instead of the traditional September dates.

    Starting the show will be the ANCCE, Working Equitation, and AWC classes, with Dressage closing out the show on Saturday.
    (Note: Dressage will be rated this…

  • New Classes for AWC 2019

    We are already well underway with preparations for the 2019 Andalusian World Cup show in Las Vegas.

    Once again, the Friesians will be joining us, but this year we will be running the Friesian classes inline with the Andalusian classes creating a little more flexibility for both groups.

    Also added will be Western Dressage to Dressage Day…

  • New Classes and Qualifiers in Dressage

    New things are in the works for the Dressage side of the Andalusian World Cup.
    In addition to Adequan coming on board to support the show, we have also added some new classes and qualifiers to the mix.
    This year’s show will be a USEF, USDF, CDS, and ANCCE (PSCJ) Recognized – Level 2 Competition – #334975


  • New ANCCE Competition Rules for 2018

    The ANCCE Executive Committee, at the proposal of the Competition Commission, has approved the new, Conformation-Functional Competition Rules for 2018. The most noteworthy points of interest are: • Competitions will not have categories. They will be considered “ANCCE Classification Competition” • A single list of authorized Judges for the 2018 Judging…

  • AWC Working Equitation

    Expansion is Inevitable!
    Each year the Andalusian World Cup show has grown by approximately 20%, and with the growing popularity of Working Equitation, the demand for rides greatly exceeds the space and time originally allotted.

    As has been the mission of AWC from day one, our goal has been to provide an “all inclusive” approach to showing,…

  • Friesian

    Friesian World Halter & Performance Classes:
    Open to purebred and partbred Friesian horses, from any recognized breed registry. Registration papers must be sent in with entries.



    For more information, please visit the Friesian World Cup page.
    Entries Close Sept 1
    2017 Judges:

    Terry Jones Brennan (R)

  • Firestone joins the AWC Team!

    Horse People have vehicles, and vehicles need tires!

    We are proud to announce that Firestone Tires will be joining us to help you with all of your tire needs: Truck, Car, Trailer,…

    And someone at the show will be going home with a NEW set of tires!


  • AWC Select Sales Catalog

    Andalusian World Cup is not just a venue for people to come show and watch horses.
    It is also an opportunity to shop!

    This year AndalusianWorld is hosting the “Select Sales Catalog” to help bring together buyers and sellers like never before!

    This Full Color “magazine” will feature two photos and information about each horse (bloodlines, age, price,…

  • Exciting changes ahead for AWC Working Equitation!

    2017 is an exciting year for Working Equitation at World Cup!

    International Judging Panel: Starting 2017, Working Equitation will consist of judges from across the globe.
    This year’s panel will consist of judges from the United States, Portugal, and Colombia

    Prize Money: Additional tiers have been added to the Prize Money handed out this year, with…

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