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New ANCCE Competition Rules for 2018

ANCCE Rules & RegulationsThe ANCCE Executive Committee, at the proposal of the Competition Commission, has approved the new, Conformation-Functional Competition Rules for 2018.

The most noteworthy points of interest are:

• Competitions will not have categories. They will be considered “ANCCE Classification Competition”
• A single list of authorized Judges for the 2018 Judging Season.
• Updated list of Conflicts of Interests for Judges.
• During presentation, assistant to the presented are not allowed in the arena, except in the case of Section 13 and 14 for cobras.
• The Judging model has changed. Now, the Judges cannot speak among themselves. Each Judge will fill out his/her scoresheet independently and the final score will be the mathematical average.

Upon publishing the new 2018 Competition Rules, the Commission considers them official and public.

Below are the corresponding links to download both files.

[PDF] New 2018 Rules-English
[PDF] New 2018 Rules-Spanish

List of Judges, authorized by the Technical Committee of Judges and approved by the Executive Committee:

[WEB] 2018 List of Judges

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