Andalusian World Cup was built on the dream of uniting all members of the Iberian community under one roof.

The goal was "simple":
-Allow all Iberian breeds, regardless of registry an opportunity to compete;
-Give people a show that was worth going to: Hospitality, Awards, Prize Saddles, Cash, Fun, and Many memories!;
-"Non-Denominational" Event: No alignment with any particular breed organization or entity to enable us to do what is "Right" for the breed as a whole.

Our goals and visions have not changed, but we have also learned a lot.

Our commitment to you:
To put on the best possible show, listen, refine, improve.

Supreme Champions:
Each show has its “Sweepstakes” classes, with horses and owners vying for that top honor.
At AWC, we recognize and reward the “Best of the Best” regardless of breeding, registry, or organization.

Our Supreme Champion Halter class is open to ALL horses at the show and is judged by an international panel (Spanish, AWC, and often a Portuguese judge), ranking the “Best of the Breed” world-wide.

In a short period of time, this show has become the “must see” event, drawing horses, trainers, exhibitors and spectators from across the globe.

Meet the team

The Foundation

A Amber Lentz

Founder, Director

Kevin Kidder

K Kevin Kidder

Founder, Director, Marketing/Design

Show Staff

The Power

L Lance Bennett

AWC General Manager


C Christian De Aquino Darnaude

ANCCE Technical Delegate

Blanca Pena

B Blanca Peña

ANCCE Director

C Chris Federer

Dressage Manager

Samantha Jepson

S Samantha Jepson

Director, Working Equitation


V Violet Paez

ANCCE Manager

Felipe Orozco

F Felipe Orozco

ANCCE Announcer


C Charlie Esau

Paddock Marshall

D Dan Savage

AWC Announcer

Erik Tasker

E Erik Tasker


Fun Facts

Who is watching?

The Andalusian World Cup has set the standard for the industry in regards to quality, reach and community in its short history.

  • Ribbons, Trophies, Show Blankets, Cash and Prizes
  • Unlimited show image downloads for exhibitors
  • Free livestreaming coverage of the show
  • First Class VIP Seating


Thousand Viewers




Cash and Prizes



Sponsors & Supporters

Those who believe in our dream!