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Andalusian World Cup Classes

Andalusian World Halter & Performance Classes:

Open to purebred and partbred Iberian horses, regardless of registration association. Registration papers must be sent in with entries.

Acceptable registries include, but are not limited to: IALHA, Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse, Azteca, Warlander, and ANCCE/ANCCEMEX.

Select purebred and partbred classes will be offered with both competing in the Supreme Championship classes.


Class Fees:

Andalusian World Cup: $50
(Includes Full & Partbred classes, Lusitano classes, driving, & performance classes)

Working Equitation: $135/phase

World Cup Championship: $100
World Cup Supreme Champ: $150

Entries Close July 20

Show Manager: Lance Bennett  (760) 525-8933

Show Secretary: Scott Hickey (760) 525-8955

2020 Judges:
Ron Bartholomew, NY

Cross Entering in Dressage or ANCCE Classes?
All Entry forms are also located with the AWC Entry Package!

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